Twerk! It's Tuesday


 Our favorite dance move was added to the dictionary in August, in honor of that moment we have created Twerk Tuesday. Today, we are honoring those who twerk, grind and wind the best. 

Miss CiCi has been one of our favorite fashionistas and twerkers since she first hit the scene in her music video "Goodies". With her tomboy style and her body roll it's hard not be hypnotized by her.  Cici recently did a photoshoot with Paper Magazine, where she blessed them and their online followers with a twerk lesson. tWerk it Cici!

Of course there are some out there who are thinking, "really guys?"Lol, yes!!!! Twerking isn't just used in today's dance world solely for dance purpose. Twerking has fallen into the category of exercise. One of our favorite YouTuber's, Keirra LaShae (superherofitnesstv) uses this dance move to work out her bootay, abs and legs. Not only do her workouts work, but they're sooooo much fun!!! 

Soooo what would we tell you??? TWERK on lady love...TWERK's good for you :)

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