Our Favorite Things || Sound of Music

O U R      F A V O R I T E     T H I N G S

Rainbows  in  raindrops  and  whiskers on kittens. Wet  kisses  from  puppies  and warm fuzzy  blankets. Pizza with a bunch of different toppings. These  are a few of our  favorite things.

Two scoops of ice cream and greasy fried french fries.  Sunrise and sunsets and warm sandy beaches.  Dancing  and  laughing and wild and free. These  are a  few  of  our  favorite things

Girls  in  vintage  dresses  with  impeccable fashion.  Butterfly  kisses  that  tingle  our  toes.  Tropic  vacations  and  chasing  our  dreams. These  are  a  few  of  our  favorite things.

When  the  worlds  tough. When  its  gloomy. When  we're  feeling  sad. We  simply  remember   our    favorite   things . And  then  we  don't  feel  so  bad

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