Janelle Monáe

                               "B. A . P. S.    C O R N E R" 

Be free and find beAuty and Peace in yourSelf" ~ T M V Philosophy 

This girl......she's just one of THOSE GIRLS.... her fashion, her vision is one of a kind. 

Recently Janelle has collaborated with artists such as Erika Badu, Miguel and the Purple Rain Legend, Prince who recently sent her a personal singing telegram as a congratulations to the release of her new album, Electric Lady. Prince has a hard on for this chick and so do we.  Janelle oozes with Funkadelic vibes, beauty and electric sex appeal. We channel this B.A.P.S  energy and style as inspiration to create. To us, her individuality holds the promise that it's okay to be different and stand out. Oh and that suspenders can be sexy.


"I feel like Harriet Tubman, except I am trying to free people through underground music, to free themselves creatively and inspirationally. " ~ J A N E L L E    M O N A E  

I only date androids. Nothing like an android-they don't cheat on you ~Janelle Monae

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