B .A. P. S

B.  A.  P.  S    | |   M O N D A Y

Be creAtive and Pursue your dream ~  T M V Philosophy 

 Ohhh this movie.. this movie... it means so much to us. What can we say, this movie is 90s gold and we are 90s babies, so to us this film will always be a classic. B.A.P.S  (Black American Princesses) inspired us to create B.A.P.S Monday for all of our Beautiful American Princesses. We believe that it is important as women to draw inspiration form each others individuality and be inspired by each others differences. We are essentially just one WOMAN one B.A.P.

"All I Need In This World Of Sin, Is Me And My Girlfriend And A Bottle Of Gin" ~ Inspired by TUPAC and  HOV  | | T M V Philosophy

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